Welcome to Everath

They were not always here, the Darkin.

The Free Kingdoms were once the envy of the continent. Vast reserves of natural resources fueled the growth of our great Timberings, our fertile soil grew crops that filled bellies and silos, and hills full of gold granted us the wealth and might to resist the Union of Hosts, always desperate to bring us under heel.

But when the Darkin came, our worst nightmares came true. They flooded out of the Haelcrests and drowned wondrous Therenmark, an entire kingdom wiped from existence by a rapacious sea of monstrous savages. Then, a continent was laid siege. Our brothers, sons, daughters, slaughtered. All the while, the Union of Hosts refused to help unless we bowed to their self righteous Potifexis. Only our alliance with the eldest race saved us from total annihilation. They helped us drive the Darkin back to the pustulent sores on the mountainsides from whence they came.

Our land, our people will never be the same.

Now we live under the specter of their return. We have driven them back, tasted bittersweet victory, each time they have come. Our countless battles across the landscape of what was once Therenmark have left a scare on the land. Across a score of generations, we have fought them there. A blighted landscape 200 leagues wide, infested with the Darkin and their corrupt allies. Men call it The Grim.

Woe betide the Darkin foolish enough the siege the Free Kingdoms.

And woe betide the man foolish enough to believe we will always win…


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