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  • Darkin

    h1. The Darkin The Darkin are a collection of races twisted by [[The Void]]. It is not know were these races originated or if they were once pure and good. It is only known that they are now wretched, cruel, and corrupt beyond redemption. They are …

  • Orcs

    h1. Orcs Orcs are the shock troops of the Darkin. [[File:450142 | class=media-item-align-left | 420x336px | risar-the-half-orc-from-mortal-online.jpg]]

  • Aracnai

    h1. Aracnai The Aracnai are a terrifying and mysterious race. Though none have been known to speak, it is clear they are as intelligent as they are malevolent. They are commonly considered to be [[Darkin | Darkin]] since they have been known to fight …

  • Trolls

    h1. Trolls Trolls are the siege engines of the Darkin armies. Their skin is think leather and their sheer size and strength make them formidable opponents. They are not often seen above ground except during nighttime raids as it is commonly know that …

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